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  • 数据库简介:   集50年优质创新的ABC-CLIO与成立于1967年的Greenwood Publishing Group为致力于人文历史与社会科学研究的国际学术出版社,纸本或电子产品皆屡获Library Journal和Choice和Booklist和American Library Association得奖殊荣。这两家出版社在2008年10月合并,并且两家电子书平台也在2009年9月完成整合,目前已数字化约有6000本电子书,是精选自包括旗下 Praeger和Libraries Unlimited出版社的学术专业参考书,2015年台湾学术电子书联盟后续扩充采购29笔ABC-CLIO/Greenwood电子书,以浏览器直接阅读(不需下载安装其它阅读软件)。

    ABC-CLIO/Greenwood电子书简介(英文) :
    ABC-CLIO with a 50+ year legacy of excellence and innovation and Greenwood Publishing Group founded in 1967 are International academic publishers focusing on History, Art & Humanities , and Social Science for librarians and educator. Many of print titles and digital products are recognized with annual awards from Library Journal, Choice, Booklist, and the American Library Association. On October 1, 2008, ABC-CLIO became the publisher of Greenwood Publishing Group’s imprints and titles and the integrated ebook platform is launched on September 17, 2009. There are about 6000 ebooks digitized by ABC-CLIO/Greenwood now, selected from high-quality, authoritative, scholarly titles also including of Praeger and Libraries Unlimited. In 2015, Taiwan Academic Electronic Books Consortium purchased 29 more ABC-CLIO/Greenwood titles. The full text can be viewed by internet browser directly without installing any other software.

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